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Will, I get “Stuck”?

No! that’s practically impossible. No matter what you do Self-Hypnosis or with a Hypnotherapist, you CANNOT GET STUCK. The feeling of relaxation is so damn good that you MIGHT NOT WANT TO COME UP.  But a skilled therapist knows exactly how to bring you back up don’t you worry.

How will I come to Know If I was hypnotized?

There is NO feeling of being hypnotized. But when you come back feeling relaxed or calm or feel like you have lost track of time or your hearing the therapist voice in distant or fading these are all signs for you that you were hypnotised. Again, not necessary you might experience any of this that doesn’t mean you weren’t hypnotised.

Will, I do weird things, or will the Hypnotherapist’s control my mind?

You CANNOT do anything that you Genuinely do NOT want to do. Nobody can control your mind but you. And you will not be possessed either. Remember it is a Natural state of mind you cannot be UNDER you CAN ONLY BE IN HYPNOSIS. As all hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis.

Will, I leave my body or Lose my Mind?

No. Same reason as in answer 3.

Can I leave the Hypnotic state whenever I want?

Yes! you most certainly can. Just be mindful of not coming back up in a rush though as SOMETIMES people complain of heavy headedness.

Will you be aware of my surroundings?

Yes definitely you will be aware of all your surroundings. You are in the heightened state of consciousness. You can hear every little detail.

Can I be hypnotized or who can be hypnotized?

Anybody can be hypnotized the question is are you WILLING to be hypnotised.

Hope I have answered all your queries about Hypnosis. Feel free to contact me if you would like to experience this beautiful state of mind. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist Qualified in Counselling. It would be a pleasure to let you explore and experience the resources that lie within. Remember your mind is magic, and you are the magician.