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“Hey there! Welcome to Thera-Buddy. My Voice, Your Imagination. My name is Ankita Magdani. I am originally from the land of cultures and tradition, India. Being an Indian, I am born and raised in a very traditional Indian society where Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis was a part of our daily ritual.Growing and developing years of my life I have seen my Mother practice Reiki and she is a Reiki Master herself now. My uncles are Feng Shui Master and a Yoga Master in India.

As a child, I did not value this knowledge. But, little did I know I would grow up to following the same career path. That’s how the subconscious mind works. Academically I was an average student. I had little or no interest in studying in school, so I chose to get a degree in arts at university to avoid studying Mathematics, Chemistry or Geography. As expected, I did, but then in university, I got introduced to Psychology. When students start enjoying their adolescence and college life, I finally started enjoying the study of mind and was fascinated by its power. I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and that’s when I decided to have a long term career in Therapy as back up and went on to pursue my dream career of becoming a Flight Attendant.  

Once again, I was amazed by the working of the subconscious mind. When people were struggling to get jobs as a flight attendant, I cracked the interview in just one attempt through the power of my imagination. I was subconsciously following all it needs for a happy career. I worked as a flight attendant for 14 years in 2 different airlines and both of them are well-known airlines today. 14 years of working in a multinational aviation industry gave me an exposure to understanding and appreciation of cultural differences, traditions, languages, which I probably lacked back in university. With the flying career, time flew as well, and it felt that the passion of the long-term career was fading. But as cliché, as it sounds everything has it’s time and so did my long-term career.



My Approach

I got introduced to Hypnotherapy with one of my ex-airline’s colleagues and just like that in a split of a second I decided, as if a voice from within said this is for you, your long-lost love. Within 24 hours I enrolled myself to the same college and dedicated my time in understanding more about this subject.

Today I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, also qualified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Counselling. And I truly believe learning never ends. I am continuously learning and developing myself and I choose to keep myself updated at all times. 

I learn every day from you, as you in your way teach me and show me how uniquely you live your life. We all are unique and so are you. I truly believe in that. I believe in fitting the therapy to the client and not the client to the therapy. 

In your sessions, you will plan and set your goals and I will just be a medium, a guide, support. It will be a 50-50% contribution between you and me. I am extremely approachable and encourage a positive and friendly therapy environment where your priorities are of utmost importance. Like the legends, I too follow a client-centered approach which will begin with strong rapport building. Home assignments will be required, you will be encouraged, and audios will be provided for your continuous development. The goal of the therapy would be to make you your therapist. I will be your Thera-Buddy, your professional friend, where my voice will go with your imagination.

Your Mind is Magic, and you are the Magician.



My Education

  • Hypnotherapist:
    (Associated with The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy who is an Official Verification Authority for the UK Complementary and Natural Health Care Council.)
  • Psychotherapist
    (I maintain Continued Professional Development by attending courses, lectures, seminars and my own therapeutic counselling every year.)
  • Qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

I Work With Individuals & Groups


The benefits of Self-Hypnosis are quite underrated and rarely used by many. Clear the misconceptions and myths about Self-Hypnosis. Learn various methods of Self-Hypnosis. Take a break from daily Chaotic life and give yourself the time you deserve. Suitable and highly beneficial for all age groups if coupled with Suggestions Therapy for Success, Confidence, Relaxation and many more.

Suggestions Therapy

We take suggestions either good or bad every day in our life. Choose the suggestions you take and learn to change the negative ones. Rewire your thought patterns by relaxing your Conscious Mind. Give the power to heal and get into positive thinking habit through Suggestions Therapy. Learn to use Suggestions Therapy in your daily life. Couple it with Self-Hypnosis and change the way you think and perceive. Make Positive Thinking your new Habit. Highly Beneficial for all age groups. Along with Confidence, Success, extremely powerful for Weight management, Quit Smoking and lots more.


Say goodbye to Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Old habits, Lack of Self-Confidence. Most of what we think, why we think are sometimes, developed during our young growing years. Learn, acknowledge, let go of the past, forgive, make peace from within and love yourself. All this is possible through Hypnotherapy called Regression Therapy. Coupled with Suggestion Therapy can bring about a lasting change. And through Self-Hypnosis, which would then be your best friend, you can learn to be your own therapist.

Support For Individuals & Group

My Voice, Your Imagination

Group Therapy

Create a positive energy and see the difference. If you are even 3 people book an appointment. Choose your topic from Self-Love, to Building Confidence, Forgiveness and see the power of Affirmations and Gratitude. In Group Therapy you will get to experience the power of Suggestions Therapy.

Individual Therapy

Make Peace of Mind your Priority. Love yourself and Let Go of your past. Nothing is more important than you. If you learn to respect and love yourself, you will be able to do the same with others. Develop  relationship with yourself and others. Book and appointment now and make yourself your top priority.

Online Therapy

Learn to Understand the difference between your thoughts and feelings, what you can and cannot control and many such unwanted behaviors and habits through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Be a part of you own therapy through Self Help Assignments and get solution focused. After each session also avail of free Suggestions Hypnotherapy audios and rewire your subconscious.

My Expertise

Unexpected Mood Swings

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Use different techniques of Self Hypnosis,NLP and anchor yourself with happy and peaceful thoughts.


Stress & Anxiety

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Get to the root cause and get rid of it. Learn solution focused strategies. Embrace the new you.

Someone to Talk To

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Talk to someone neutral. Someone who is willing to listen and not talk and give unnecessary advice. Instead here in Thera- Buddy together we will find ways to deal with situations that is non partial and suitable.

Job Loss or Change

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Job Loss and Change can be difficult and stressful. But not if you learn to accept and make changes that are beneficial. Improve your confidence and do what you love doing.


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Get to the root cause and get rid of it. Learn solution focused strategies. Embrace the new you.

Irregular Sleep Cycles

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Make Staying and Being relaxed your normal state of mind. Once this is managed Sleeping will be easy and Fun.


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Understanding that smoking and alcohol consumption is not an addiction but just another bad habit. Quit Smoking without any withdrawal symptoms.

Harmful Thoughts

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Use different techniques of Self Hypnosis,NLP and anchor yourself with happy and peaceful thoughts.


Isolation & Loneliness

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Love and embrace yourself. Explore from within and make yourself your new best friend.

Weight Management

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Don’t lose weight learn to manage it. Learn your association with food then start to manage it.

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