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Understanding what language to communicate with your mind and self can be extremely crucial. Imagination is the language of Subconscious. Imagining is something we do every day. It’s even better for children since they are very good at imagination in their growing years.

Ankita Magdani

“Hey there! Welcome to Thera-Buddy. My Voice, Your Imagination. My name is Ankita Magdani. I am originally from the land of cultures and tradition, India. Being an Indian, I am born and brought up in a very traditional Indian society where Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis was a part of our daily ritual.”

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A certified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Neuro-Lingustic Practitioner.

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The aim is to clear all your myths about Hypnosis and understand what Hypnosis does.

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Ankita Magdani

I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, also qualified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Counselling. I truly believe learning never ends. I am continuously learning and developing myself and I choose to keep myself updated at all times.

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The benefits of Self-Hypnosis are quite underrated and rarely used by many. Clear the misconceptions and myths about Self-Hypnosis. Learn various methods of Self-Hypnosis. Take a break from daily Chaotic life and give yourself the time you deserve.

Suggestion Therapy

We take suggestions either good or bad every day in our life. Choose the suggestions you take and learn to change the negative ones. Rewire your thought patterns by relaxing your Conscious Mind. Give the power to heal and get into positive thinking habit through Suggestions Therapy. Learn to Use Suggestions Therapy in your daily life.


Say goodbye to Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Old habits, Lack of Self-Confidence. Most of what we think, why we think are sometimes, developed during our young growing years. Learn, acknowledge, let go of the past, forgive, make peace from within and love yourself. All this is possible through Hypnotherapy called Regression Therapy. Coupled with suggestion Therapy can bring about a lasting change. And through Self-Hypnosis, which would then be your best friend. You can learn to be your own therapist.

My Mission & Vision




My Mission is to help and guide you to be your own therapist!!! Allow you to explore your Inner-Self and Embrace the new you.

My Vision is to make your world lovable, one person at a time.

Client’s Testimonial


Dear Ankita,
I thank God everyday for putting you in my way. I still remember the first day I came to you, grief and regret were killing me, I was thinking about death and lost taste of life. I am so grateful how you step by step help me get Inner peace, made me discover a past issues that I was ignoring and Helped me to manifest my real me.
Thanks for helping me to make peace with my past, for cheering me up and showing me how to move forward.
I thank you from my deep heart for your patience, flexibility and profesional work.
I wish you all the best, may god bring you health wealth and happiness.

From Dubai

Dear Ankita,
I can not thank you enough for coming into my life and for bringing me the inner peace and healing i needed and longed for. All these sessions with you have done more than more for me than a year long therapy and for that I will be forever grateful. I can truly feel that I’m becoming the besr version of myself thanks to your teachings, time, patience and confidence in me.
I truly, deeply, madly wish you nothing but the best in the upcoming year – you are a wonderful person and so you deserve abundance in everything your heart desires. May you be loved the way you wish and have the best life imaginable.

From Dubai

Dear Ankita,
I remember the first day i met you and i had no idea what hypnotherapy is. But still i decided to go meet you and tell everything i had in my mind. I remember i started to talk and couldn’t utter a single word and was crying for sometime. But you were so patient with me and gave me sometime to finish all my tears and tell everything i had in my mind. Thank you so much ankita for showing me whats important in life and whats not. And how should i make my self happy while making others happy as well, and how to concern about my health, for giving me courage to face all da past problems, to overcome da trust issuse and last but not least the most important to get inner peace in life and how to move forward.. i wouldn’t be able to achieve all these without you.

From Dubai

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